Gender bias in our court system

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U.S. investigates possible gender bias against women at Uber

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The Foundations of Algorithmic Bias

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Gender Bias in the Courts

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Between the (Gender) Lines: the Science of Transgender Identity

Researchers have found innovative biases affecting behavior negatively across the passive of social interaction. Handbook on Stage Equality in the Courts:. Machine Bias There’s software used across the country to predict future criminals. And it’s biased against blacks. by Julia Angwin, Jeff Larson, Surya Mattu and Lauren Kirchner, ProPublica May.

Gender identity haunts every aspect of our lives, dictating the outcomes of our conversations, our workplaces, our relationships – even our bath products. Before most infants are named, they are assigned a sex based on the appearance of their external genitalia by a third party. These decisions are dolled out in a typically binary fashion, with no expectations for ambiguity.

Washington State Supreme Court Gender and Justice Commission: Promoting Gender Equality in the Justice System.

The dangers of discrimination are clear - even if we don't see them

In the Washington State Legislature mandated the Office of the Administrator for the Courts initiate measures to prevent gender and minority bias in the state court system. The source indicated Uber is one of several Silicon Valley firms being reviewed for potential gender discrimination.

The probe began as Uber ousted its chief executive in response to a series of. When I was around the age of 16, I had somewhat of a rebellious streak—perhaps it was my raging testosterone levels, or perhaps it was my righteous dissatisfaction with our absurd school system. We have detected that you are using a touch device.

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Gender bias in our court system
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