How can we eradicate social problems

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Discrimination, Inequality, and Poverty—A Human Rights Perspective

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The European Committee of Social Rights has heard several cases on housing and water issues in the context of Roma. In a case against Portugal, the Committee explicitly refers to the right to.

National Domestic Violence Organizations

It's kinda like asking how we can eradicate bad things from affecting people. The success of a nation is not in how well it takes care of its people but in how many ways it can allow it's people to take care of themselves. The freedom to do so is what made us the greatest in the first place.

We have established many initiatives and tools to support advocates, and one year ago, we launched this partner website, After a year of building and increasing its reach, we are thrilled to combine forces to offer one place online where you can learn about poverty in America and find the resources you need to.

But, WE NEED EXAMPLES! And we need your help in finding those that have set their sights high on creating sustainable, transformational impact. Do you know of any efforts that have successfully eradicated a social problem? (Or got close?) Please share any and all examples you can think of in the comments section below.

The Sociological Imagination. Many individuals experience one or more social problems personally. For example, many people are poor and unemployed, many are in poor health, and many have family problems, drink too much alcohol, or commit crime. Poverty can be eliminated through education, quality health care services, clean water and job creation.

Ending poverty is not an easy task. It requires the involvement of the public, the government and other relevant authorities.

What are Some Social Problems?

Providing education to the people helps them to change their way of.

How can we eradicate social problems
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