Writing a ruby gem

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AWS SDK for Ruby - Version 2

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Writing Ruby Gems

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You need not start writing a gem, just write some code, write some tests, use it however you want, and once you are happy with it, use gem this to generate the relevant Rakefile.

It helps if you stick to the approaches other gems take (have a lib directory, avoid naming files in ways that could clash with other gems, write some tests if you can, have a readme), but it's not necessary. AWS SDK for Ruby - Version 1. This is version 1 of the AWS SDK for Ruby. Version 2 can be found in the master branch.

Installation. Version 1 of the AWS SDK for Ruby. Whether you need compute, dns, storage, or a multitude of other services, fog provides an accessible entry point and facilitates cross service compatibility.

Like all good rubyist, we should write some tests to your gem. But at first I will need to declare that my project have a test library. If we see the Gemfile, it only have a call to gemspec.

Writing tests. Testing your gem is extremely important. Not only does it help assure you that your code works, but it helps others know that your gem does its job.

When evaluating a gem, Ruby developers tend to view a solid test suite (or lack thereof) as one of the main reasons for trusting that piece of code.

If bundler is not one of our global gems we can go ahead and install it with gem install bundler. You can do gem list to see what gems are in your global set. With Bundler in hand we will generate the boilerplate for our new gem: bundle gem zerp. This will create a new folder called zerp/ and fill it with several files.

cd into zerp/ and take a look around.

Writing a ruby gem
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Writing Ruby Gems - Speaker Deck